The Ties That Bind

Did you live a good life, enough to base a movie on?

—James Douglas Morrison


My sister, Diana Newton, has been making a documentary film, The Ties That Bind, inspired by our family’s response to my revelation in the early 2000s that I am a transgender woman.

With the help of my spouse, Diana and her husband Barry, my late mom, numerous therapists, and a small but devoted circle of friends I have since completed my journey to become a fully post-operative transsexual woman.

Diana’s film is nearing completion and we are starting to promote the film. I will strive to keep this page up to date with various links and resources regarding the film, North Carolina’s H.B. 2 debacle, and transgender resources that I find, or have found, helpful.

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Table of Contents

The documentary film

Promotional resources

Transgender resources

N.C. H.B. 2 resources

LGB.TQI issues in the news

The documentary film

The Ties That Bind official documentary film web site:

Seed & Spark Untold Story competition and crowdfunding campaign:

Links to promotional resources relating to The Ties That Bind documentary film

(Wednesday, July 13, 2016) “Time to Come Home: A Transgender Woman’s Coming Out Reshapes A North Carolina Family in The Ties That Bind.” INDYweek, Vol. 33, No. 28. The HB2 Issue. Pages 27-28.

(Friday, June 17, 2016) Diana Newton and Christine Bush discuss The Ties That Bind and the transgender experience with host Bill Lumay on WPTF-AM.

Transgender resources

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Human Rights Campaign: Explore Transgender primer

Southern Poverty Law Center: LGBT Rights

Mula, Rick. “Dispelling Six Myths About Transgender Identity.” From, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. July 26, 2016.

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD): Trans FAQ

Transgender Law Center

University of Victoria Transgender Archives

Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Co-CEO of United Therapeutics, Research Triangle Park, NC: Moving Trans History Forward. (Moving Trans History Forward: Building Communities – Sharing Connections conference took place at the University of Victoria March 17-20, 2016.)

Also see: Bracken, David. “For Transgender CEO, fight to repeal NC’s HB2 is personal.” News & Observer, May 13, 2016.

Nyad, Diana. “Transgender Athletes Raise Questions For Future Olympic Games.” NPR Morning Edition, August 17, 2016.

[N.B. Transgender athletes do not raise any questions about future Olympic Games in this commentary. Ms. Nyad is the one raising questions. This is a good example of how the media tends to substitute transgender persons themselves as subjects of headlines while in fact reporting on some aspect of their participation in the culture at large. In this commentary, Ms. Nyad clumsily conflates gender identity with physiology and equates general athletic acumen with maleness while sidestepping the “questions” about the experience of female-to-male athletes altogether.]

N.C. H.B. 2 resources

News Coverage

Raleigh News & Observer coverage

Google News feed


Amercian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina

Equality NC


N.C. Values Coalition: This ultraconservative organization stays busy using fear-based rhetoric to seed the public with the notion that “values” are inherently fragile and need protecting from any person or institution that doesn’t agree with them: “religious freedoms” need protection; (heterosexual) marriage needs protection; women and children need protection (especially in the bathroom).


Carcaño v. McCrory

Hewlett, Michael. “Judge hearing request to halt House Bill 2 questions why legislators passed the legislation.” Winston-Salem Journal. August 1, 2016.

ACLU-NC.”Federal Court Hears Argument for Transgender Clients in ACLU, Lambda Legal Lawsuit Against HB2.” August 1, 2016.

Lambda Legal. Carcaño v. McCrory case profile.


North Carolina Government

Attorney General Roy Cooper comments regarding H.B. 2 on March 29, 2016.


North Carolina Media Coverage


INDYweek, Vol. 33, No. 28. The HB2 Issue


Social Media

On Twitter: #HB2#WeAreNotThis


2016 Election

Roy Cooper for Governor


John Autry for NC House in District 100


LGB.TQI issues in the news

[ N.B. I use the abbreviation LGB.TQI as a means of deconstructing the conflation of sexuality with gender identity that the widespread use of “LGBT” reinforces when abbreviating the alliance of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals with transgender, gender queer, and intersex communities for political efficacy and as a common journalistic shorthand. Semiotic confusion can also be found in references to women described as “gay” rather than lesbian. Also see: LGBTQIA. ]

GLADD Media Reference Guide

Dart, Tom. “Prayer and pain: why gay conversion therapy is still legal despite dangers.” The Guardian, July 15, 2016.

 See also: 2016 Republican National Committee Platform.

[This is one of the most regressive, intolerant political documents in modern American history.]