The Practice of Princes

Cover of "Artists' Pigments 1600-1835" by R.D. Harley (American Elsevier, 1970)

Cover of “Artists’ Pigments 1600-1835” by R.D. Harley (American Elsevier, 1970)

In the first chapter of Artists’ Pigments 1600-1835, R.D. Harley discusses her sources for the research into the history of pigments which follows. As a cartographer, the following quotation from Henry Peacham (1576-1644) on page 7 caught my eye:

I could wish you now and then, to exercise your Pen in Drawing and imitating Cards and Mappes; as also your Pencill in washing and colouring small Tables of Countries and places, which at your leisure you may in one fortnight easily learn to doe; for the practice of the hand doth speedily instruct the minde, and strongly confirme the memory beyond any thing else; nor thinke it any disgrace unto you, since in other Countries it is the practice of Princes, as I have shewed heretofore; also many of our young Nobilitie in England exercise the same with great felicitie.1


1 Harley, R. D. Artists' Pigments, C. 1600-1835; A Study in English Documentary Sources. New York: American Elsevier Pub. Co, 1970.

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